Ten Essential Duties' of a Scottish-Rite Mason
1. God. A Mason seeks to understand that he has been created to fulfill God's purpose for his life. A Scottish-Rite Mason demonstrates his reverence and love for God by aligning his behaviors with God's spiritual laws.
2. Physical body. A Mason maintains his body as a vehicle for this life's journey. He eats to live, rather than living to eat. He exercises and controls all form of gluttony and excess.
3. Family. A Mason's moral obligation is to care for his spouse and children. He provides food, shelter, and makes sure his children are taught how to survive in the world. Whatever the circumstances, he always assumes responsibility for his obligations.
4. Relatives. A Mason supports, respects, and cares for his parents. He demonstrates compassion, fairness, and understanding in all his dealings with his extended family.
5. Occupation. A Mason develops his mind to its highest potential, and pursues his vocation with scholarly energy. He behaves ethically. He spends less than he makes. He manages his affairs with a generous intent without becoming a miser. And, he sets his priorities using his cable-tow to set the reasonable scope of his involvements.
6. Neighbors. A Mason does unto others as he would have them do unto him. He understands that as he gives so shall he receive. He extends his fraternal hand of fellowship to another when it is needed.
7. Government. A Mason supports good government with his life when necessary; He resists tyranny and unjust government by demonstrating the courage to bring about appropriate change.
8. Humanity. A Mason understands that he is a brother to all races, colors, and creeds. The whole world is his country, and all mankind are his brethren. When he helps others he understands that he is really helping himself.
9. Enemies. A Mason focuses his anger. He gathers information, and discusses differences when he is involved in conflict. When he is wrong, he concedes. When he is right, he sets limits. When he is attacked, he retaliates appropriately. When victorious, he seeks a just peace, and honors his word. When defeated, he learns and prepares for the future.
10. Passion. A Mason subdues but never eliminates his passion. He loves, laughs, cries, and acknowledges the presence of the watchful "All Seeing Eye" in his life. He knows his true passion is to serve God by serving his brother.
Created by William C. Jacobson, Ph.D. 33°
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