2016 Officers
Ill. Ronald A. Seale 33°
Sovereign Grand

Gary L Sissel 33°
Sovereign Grand
Inspector General for Iowa

William C Jacobson 33°
Personal Representative to Illustrious Gary L. Sissel 33° The Grand Secretary General of the Supreme Council and the Sovereign Grand Inspector General of Iowa

Advisory Committee
William C. Jacobson Chair MC II
Don Mosier - Master of Kadosh

Jason Walcott 33°

James Evans 33°
John M. Klaus 33° Joe Kurka 33°
Tim Felton 33° Don Mosier 33° Steve Riley 33°
Dave Kroeger 32° KCCH

Jeremy Mead 33°

Eric Sommermeyer 33°

Doug Heath 33°
Registrar - Building Manager

Dave Dunlavy 32° KCCH
Web Master

Kha Phan 32° KCCH
Technology Director
Coordinate Council
6 Meetings February 19, April 16, June 18, Aug 20, Oct 15, Dec 17

Master of Kadosh
Scott Miller 32° KCCH

Council of Kadosh

Chad Little 32° KCCH

Chapter Rose Croix

Wise Master
Paul Anderson 33°

Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master
Dan Beason 32° KSA

Jeremy Mead 33°
1st Lt Commander
Mike Root 32° KCCH
Senior Warden
Jon Sommermeyer 33°
Senior Warden
Doug Wilson 32° KSA
Jeff Struck 32° KCCH
2nd Lt Commander
Francis Mossee 32°
Junior Warden
Joel Casper 32° KSA
Junior Warden
Amaury Lendasse 32°

SGIG Appointments: Personal Representative: William Jacobson 33°
Registrar: Doug Heath 33°
Coordinate Council At Large Members:
John Rothlisberger 32° KSA
Ryan Reid 32° KCCH
Director of the Work: Don Mosier 33°
Assistant Director of the Work: Eric J. Sommermeyer 33°
Treasurer Jim Evans 33°
Financial Manager Jeremy Mead 33°
Almoner: John Klaus 33°
Assistant Almoner Steve Riley 33°
Cottage Grove Place Board:    W. C. Jacobson 33°
Douglas Heath 33°, Don Moser 33°
Education Director: Tim Felton 33°
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